The Tasmeem 2011 – Synapse: Designer as Link is an international design conference held in Doha, Qatar. Tasmeem gathers scholars and practitioners in the fields of graphic, interior and fashion design in Doha to discuss critical issues in design and engage with design students and community members. Tasmeem 2011 is situated as a working conference, featuring student driven teams investigating the role of design as a problem solving activity that tackles community issues, our daily life-worlds and future concerns.

As part of the Tasmeem Conference a student design competition has been tabled – Student Design Entrepreneurship Challenge. Box Hill College Kuwait students entered the competition with four projects, one of which was chosen as a winner. Students with their instructor/project leader, Ms. Antonia Jolic, were invited to present the winning project Track Me! during the Tasmeem conference, which took place in Doha, Qatar from the 21~24th March 2011.

Tasmeem Doha 2011