The GUST (Gulf University for Science and Technology) MCM Department and its students launched its annual cultural conference under the name “THE CAUSE: Generosity. Community. Humanity” on April 10th, 2016.

The conference was the third in a three-year sequence. Each annual conference is dedicated to an area of emphasis within the department’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Mass Communication. These include Visual Communication, Radio and TV Broadcasting, and Public Relations and Advertising.

The final phase of THE CAUSE Project, was to bring attention back to the educational outcomes of the project. Following the fundraising campaigns, key members from the causes and companies, as well as prominent community leaders in the area of social responsibility, came together to speak about the experience and its related concepts at a conference from April 10–14, 2016 on the GUST campus.

Following a week of demonstrating the three campaigns, as well as panel discussions and conference lectures, THE CAUSE project culminated with a gala event on the evening of April 14. The ceremony paid tribute to the outstanding achievements of the many partners, students, faculty and staff who contributed to THE CAUSE project over the academic year. The winners of the crowdfunding competition were also announced among an audience of dignitaries, community leaders and corporate organizations from across Kuwait.

Concluding the evening was the presentation of the prestigious Al-Shakoor Lifetime Achievement Award to selected Kuwaiti organisations, which have demonstrated at least a decade of commitment toward successful Corporate Social Responsibility.

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