The GUST (Gulf University for Science and Technology) MCM Department and its students launched its annual cultural conference under the name “THE SCRIPT: Pioneers and Trendsetters in Radio, TV, film and theatre” on April 12th, 2015.

The conference was the second in a three-year sequence. Each annual conference is dedicated to an area of emphasis within the department’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Mass Communication. These include Visual Communication, Radio and TV Broadcasting, and Public Relations and Advertising.

The event began by honouring some of Kuwait’s best-known screen legends: Abdulhussain Abdulredha, Mohammed Al Mansour, Hayat Al Fahad, Souad Abdullah, and Saad Al Faraj with the Al Shakoor Award – “Lifetime Achievement in the Theatrical Arts”.

The remainder of the conference from April 13-16 hosted prominent speakers and events that were free to the public. These included talks by local filmmakers, short-film screenings, public lectures and workshops. Speakers included filmmakers Abdullah Bushahri and Khaled Ameen, Marina FM’s Eman Najem and Ali Najem, specialists Dr. Jamshid Malekpour and Dr. Khalefah Al Hajri, Sahar Al Lail TV series writer Fahad Al-Olaiwa, and others.

In addition to the conference, the event held a festival of Kuwaiti short films, followed by open discussions with selected actors, producers and directors. The three-day film festival was moderated by AbdulSattar Naji, film, theater and drama critic from Annahar Newspaper.

The goal of THE SCRIPT was to celebrate local cultural icons, emerging talent, and inspire the next generation to discover their inner talents and appreciate the achievements of their predecessors.

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